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A Systems Approach

Best practices looking at the building as a “system”. Specifying components to get the job done is a recipe for disaster. Is their any way to make sure they work together? Look for tested assemblies. Many manufacturers have gone through a lot of trouble and expense to do the heavy lifting for the design community. What if you could get the four basic control layers up in two trips around the building? What of you had some built in redundancies to make sure the envelope technology remained effective even in the event of damage gone un treated before the cladding goes on?

Thermax Total Wall System

Is this perfect? No. Nothing is perfect. But I will say that to date this is the closest thing to a silver bullet we have seen to control air, water,vapor,and temperature with as few trips around the building as possible.

Less trips around the building = Faster you dry in the building

Faster you dry in the building = Faster you finish

Lawrence, Kansas LibraryAt the end of the day, the quicker the facility is turned over to the owner, the quicker everyone gets paid. And the bonus here is that you have created a better envelope in the process.


Lawrence Public Library, Lawrence, KS


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Dow-Knight Ci System, Terreal Terra Cotta