Who We Are

Sano & Associates represents materials and products for the entire building envelope. We have partnered with forward thinking innovative manufacturers who are always looking for the new ways to improve building design, performance and constructability.

Our History

Pete Sano started the company more than 32 years ago representing Dow Building Solutions as an independant agent. The company has grown steadily in both who we represent and the territories we cover. We now cover Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and have moved into Oklahoma with a few of our products.

Our Philosophy

Taking care of the customer is priority one. Whether the project is in our territory or not we feel it is our obligation to help design the most efficient and constructible building possible to meet codes. Even if it means we do not have the best solution, we will still point designers and contractors in the right direction.

Evolution of Sano & Associates

Sano & Associates started out as a sales rep organization. As time moved on two things took place. We picked up products that accented each other and allowed us the opportunity to provide solutions for the entire wall assembly not just one component, and we realized with the all of the energy code changes, there was a disconnect between members of the project teams. People were having trouble figuring out how to design the wall, and contractors were having trouble constructing the walls as traditional construction methods were no longer compliant. It was then we realized that it was no longer acceptable for us to just provide components we needed to more involved and assume a consulting role.

Our Team

Peter Sano

Peter Sano founded Sano & Associates in 1983.

With a background in concrete restoration and thermal protection, he pioneered many advanced waterproofing and insulation systems before they were a trend.

Pete now acts as CFO for the company.

Chet Lee

Chet Lee Joined Sano & Associates in 2017 and comes with a diverse background.

Phil Puckett

Phil Joined Sano Team in 2018. Phil brings a wealth of knowledge with more than 35 years of building product distribution. His experience in mixed-use, multi-family, commercial buildings as well as project management make him a dynamic asset to our Sano and Associates family. He serves on the board of the Flint Hills CSI Chapter along with being an active member of the KCCSI and Mid Kansas chapters as well. He continues to expand his knowledge of building envelopes, facades, and their integration via rainscreens to meet the ever-changing building codes. Phil currently covers Western MO, Greater Kansas City, and Nebraska markets for Sano.

Ray Puckett

Ray Puckett started with Sano & Associates in 2010, and is an active member of the Kansas City, Mid Kansas CSI Chapters, and will be serving as the director of the Flint Hills Chapter. He covers Kansas and Oklahoma, helping to provide building envelope and daylighting knowledge and solutions to architects and contractors on the ever changing building codes, and best practices. His 15 years as a commercial electrician prior to Sano provided him with an intimate understanding of the construction process. He works to improve his knowledge base to be able to provide accurate information to the clients he works with.

Brittnie Dearborn