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Sano & Associates

Sano and Associates provides assistance in designing energy efficient wall systems such as steel stud, insulated concrete and traditional masonry, reflective and vegetated roof systems, and daylighting options for the states of IA, MO, KS, OK,& NE.

Building Envelope

We help architects and designers understand ever-changing energy and fire codes and develop wall assembly solutions for both.

Rainscreen Design

Sano & Associations provides an understanding of what rainscreens are, how they function, what their purpose is, and how to design them to meet energy codes.

Dewpoint Analysis

Most insulated walls will develop a dew point of some sort. Sano & Associates will help you determine if this could be a potential issue for your project.

Air Barriers

Sano & Associates provides an understanding of different types of air barrier assemblies, how they function, and how they are applied.